Tuesday, January 21, 2014

'Into the Blue' and Album 12 Information!

Well it's been a whirlwind of news the past week in Kylie land. Before the first episode of The Voice UK aired we found out that Kylie had shot the video for the lead single which was then revealed to be Into the Blue. Just a few days ago the supposed single cover art began popping up on Amazon Italy with pre-order pages popping up on Amazon Spain and Germany as well. Within the hour the high quality cover art for Into the Blue found it's onto the internet.

Into the Blue Cover Art

So the next day a low quality version of the track leaked online. According to the producer Mike Del Rio the version that has leaked is not final and Kylie has said as much on her own twitter. The official radio premiere is set for the UK on Monday January 27th, it's not clear if BBC Radio 1 will touch the track but maybe if it's received well they will consider it. I feel like Into the Blue will be Kylie's Candy, Radio 1 ignored the Robbie Williams track Candy but it was still a smash hit. UK Radio premiere will happen on BBC Radio 2 on the Ken Bruce show, his show is mainly pop music orientated. The video is now finished and was shot by Dawn Shadforth, who also directed In Your Eyes, Can't Get You Out of My Head, Spinning Around, Chocolate, and 2 Hearts.

Now regarding the album, Kylie has been posting a gradual image reveal of herself on facebook which has been confirmed to be the new album cover image. The album title is still not known widely but hopefully the actual title doesn't leak until Kylie reveals the news herself. The album has a confirmed release date of March 17th with Into the Blue being released in the UK the day before.

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