Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kylie performs with Scissor Sisters at Glastonbury

BBC Music reviews Aphrodite

Pure Kylie magic, Aphrodite is an astonishing return to form.

Kylie Minogue. You may have heard of her. You probably have a favourite era or phase: perhaps when she was Indie Kylie and hanging with Nick Cave and the Manics; or Dance Kylie, when she minxed up in the mid-90s. Maybe you like the tinny early SAW efforts that launched her from a soap being onto a trajectory of superstardom, and breathed a sigh of relief when she rediscovered her pop mojo in the early 00s. Whatever the time or place, there’s no denying that in the 23 years since I Should Be So Lucky, Kylie has briefly tickled, illuminated or completely absorbed an area of your life.

For her followers Aphrodite is the Kylie of Fever and Light Years: frothy, intensely hummable dance pop. The sort of thing she does with such effortlessness and grace. Lead single All the Lovers emits everything that X – her ‘comeback’ album from 2007 which spectacularly bungled its single releases, and in turn wasn’t really what her fans were expecting – didn’t. With most of the production handed to Stuart Price, who has provided magic in the past for Madonna and helmed the new Scissor Sisters album (among numerous other impressive credits), this is a return to form so astonishing that one’s life can only be enhanced with repeated plays.

There are treats galore to be heard here: next single Get Outta My Way should destroy every dancefloor between here and the furthest reaches of the universe; the Jake Shears/Calvin Harris-penned Too Much is a rave monster; and the tech-country strut of Better Than Today throws up imagery of line-dancing cyborgs. The title-track is a military-drummed happy-clappy back, Back, BACK moment, which will be the moment of her live set when she actually explodes. Contrasting that track, the Tim Rice-Oxley-written number Everything Is Beautiful is about the mellowest thing here, but welcome after the tremendous onslaught of the opening quartet. Concluding with the cowbell-assisted frisky Daft-ness of Can’t Beat the Feeling, this stunning album is an all-killer, flags-aloft amazing triumph

Aphrodite is pure Kylie magic. Everything that made you fall in love with her all over again before is present and correct here. Not liking this would be like not being keen on breathing. All hail!

Kylie on Johnathon Ross interview + performance



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New York Post reviews 'Aphrodite'

Had I not actually seen Kylie Minogue in concert with my own two eyes, I could very well believe she's an aura of magic that simply floats from one speaker to the next. With each stop on her radio revolution, she touches the lives, hips and souls of those blessed enough to move to her music.

Her eleventh studio album "Aphrodite" is her latest dance comet and releases bits of retro synths, twinkly keyboard pounds and specks of hand-claps into the ether. It's the perfectly crafted summer CD, so let's dive into each track a little closer, shall we?

First up is "All The Lovers" which is very deserving of its spot as the lead single. Filled with melty whispers that are familiar to any card carrying member of Kylie's crew, its chorus demands crowd participation -- in fact, the only negative is that this 3-minute track lacks a bit more time to enjoy it fully.

"Get Outta My Way" is next up, and it will not be ignored. This disco-floor explosion of pure bubble-gum greatness will play on every boat, in every lake and on every pier until the snow starts to fall. Then, if the hand claps resonate long enough, it could return next year to do the exact same thing.

Speaking of hands, the bang-track "Put Your Hands Up" -- with its cog-and-wheel electro beats and Mad Max undertones -- begs for them to go ... um ... up. While its rocky sister-track "Closer" will slowly convince your arms to fall back down to your side, grab someone, and pull them in like a blanket of contentment. Both songs are legendary Kylie and both invoke polar opposite feelings that compliment each other in that weird salty and sweet way.

The only ballad -- using this term loosely -- on the album is the Keane (Tim Rice Oxley) co-penned song "Everything Is Beautiful," which sounds like it was plucked off a Tim Burton movie. The title track "Aphrodite" lives in a silver screen state as well, mixing old school Rhythm Nation vibes with a "Lose my Breathe" Destiny's Child resonance, resulting in an old school 50's film theme-song. It's amazing people. Amazing.

In the middle are songs that paint the world in glitter and hope. The simple "Illusion" is just as magical as it sounds while the ABBA meets Shania Twain ditty "Better Than Today" begs you to snag your boots and head to the club. After your done scootin', grab your sweat bands, and join Kylie as she does her best Olivia Newton-John in "Too Much," one of my faves of the LP. It's a piano-knockin' track you'll find yourself repeating for hours ... and then wonder where the time went.

The guitars and shooting stars living inside the adventure track "Cupid Boy" are paired like fine wine right next to the Euro-layered vocals of "Looking For An Angel." This duo introduce a new side of Kylie, a softer, more vulnerable version of the Diva that was nowhere to be found on her last album "X," but is so nice to have back.

Finally "Can’t Beat The Feeling" brings us back around the planets and stars that lead us through the world of Kylie. The roller-coaster chugs and Vo-Dox vocals pair with long disco-synths, giving us a welcome back to where we started, but not wanting to release our seat-belts. Because you know you're ready for another ride.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New peaks for ATL on iTunes!

The single was released digitally in the following countries yesterday and here are the iTunes peaks so far.

Austria #4
Switzerland #4
Germany #7
Australia #24
Ireland #27
Finland #38
Belgium #61
Italy #67
Netherland #67

Looks like Kylie's got a hit on her hands!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

All The Lovers performance at Germany's Next Top Model Finale!

All The Lovers is now out for download in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria! Physical single is released tomorrow!

iTunes peaks so far:
Germany: 13
Austria: 11
Switzerland: 10

Monday, June 7, 2010

Aphrodite Megamix!

Remember how we got that megamix a few weeks before the release of X? Well they have done the same thing for Aphrodite with a far superior result. X just seems amateur when compared to clips of the tracks in this mix.

Songs from the mix in order:
Get Outta My Way
Cupid Boy
Can't Beat The Feeling
Too Much
Put Your Hands Up

Remember how some Kylie fans bitched about the cohesiveness of X? Now they are bitching that the tracks in this megamix sound too much alike! Some queens will NEVER be satisfied. Kylie's got THE album of the summer on her hands and I think she knows it. The Aphrodite era seems to be going great so far and it's likely to replace the glorious Body Language as my all time favorite Kylie album, bring on July 6th already!

Let me know what your fave tracks from the megamix are in the comments please! :)

Picture of the day!

MTV US Buzzworthy: 'All The Lovers'

Song You Need To Know: Kylie Minogue, 'All The Lovers'

These days it's pretty hard to differentiate between what constitutes "pop" and what constitutes "dance." With acts such as Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Miley Cyrus and even rock acts such as The Killers appropriating the "untz-untz" beats, the lush synths and inherent sexiness of club music, you could say dance is pop.

Possibly no one artist has been more responsible for this shift than Kylie Minogue. The veteran singer bravely broke with pop tradition, recasting herself as a dance diva in 2001 with one of the greatest songs of that decade, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head." Since then, many have followed her lead, with pop acts now regularly working with dance producers. But still, nobody does it better than Kylie.

Which is all a way of saying: NEW KYLIE SINGLE! "All The Lovers" is classic Kylie; slow-building, adding layers of subtle electronic instrumentation, all moving toward the ecstatic, breathtaking chorus.

"All The Lovers" is taken from Minogue's hotly anticipated new album, Aphrodite, which drops July 6.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All The Lovers video!

Well since the video had it's official premiere yesterday it's popped on and off of youtube. Parlophone finally added it to their youtube page in true HD but sadly they disabled the embedding option. Stupid cunts! Thank god Yahoo! Music is allowing embedding.