Friday, January 2, 2009

Paula Abdul needs back the fuck up.

Check out Paula Abdul's rip off:

So after all these years the track Boombox, which Kylie originally recorded for Body Language then received some new life this past year when Kylie herself asked for it to be pulled from the vaults and remixed, looks like it will be released by Paula Abdul to promote her shitty ass cheerleading show on MTV.

The song was also recorded in Hebrew and also covered by Coco Lee, though that happened after it didn't make the Body Language album and before Kylie shown interest in it again this past year.

I find it extremely odd that Paula was allowed to cover the song when it has become a fan favourite after the remixes leaked. The song was even featured in the X2008 tour as an intro for Can't Get You Out Of My Head! It also doesn't help Paula when Kylie's upcoming remix album is entitled Boombox. Does this not seem odd to anyone else?

To put it simply Paula Abdul can go fuck her crazy ass self.

Be sure to pre-order or purchase Kylie's new remix album! It's already out on iTunes in Europe and will start being released physically next week. The North American release will be January 26th!


Anonymous said...

You need to blame the song writers -- they control who can record their songs. They obviously had no problem handing the song over to Paula for a spin. Of course Paula wrote Kylie's comeback "Spinnin Around" anyway.

vinnie said...

Um, overreact much? I mean really, what's the big deal? US-based artists and UK-based artists have been covering each other's hit singles for years - and Boombox never even WAS a single. Paula's release of her version isn't going to have any impact on how Kylie's remix album does anyway, and it is obviously causing no concern at Kylie's camp either. And before going off the hook and telling Paula to f*** off, try giving the woman some props. After all, she did write a song a while back that happened to turn into a comeback single of epic proportions for the artist who recorded it. It was called "Spinning Around" - ever hear of it?

Anonymous said...

sorry to break it to ya... but paulas version is much better. kylies remix is Never gonna work in america. its too much euro pop mix for the americans to "get" it. I also read that Paula has been having this song for at least a couple of months, it was played at the taping of her cheer show 2 month ago. I guess the contestants are dancing to it. My guess is that paula will just be releasing her version in america- whereas kylie should Not bother releasing it in america since it will not be "understood" there

Justin said...

Why should I give Paula props for being one of the twenty writers that contributed into Spinning Around? You all act as if she penned the whole thing herself and she didn't. It's not like she would have made a hit out of it anyways. She hasn't been relevant nor had a hit since the very early 90's.

I could give two shits if people think this is overreacting. I find it very odd that the song was recently revived by Kylie through remixes and the X2008 tour. What is Paula going to do with it? Oh right flop on her ass just like she did with Dance Like There's No Tomorrow.

If you don't like it then fuck off this is my blog.

Anonymous said...

Spinning Around writing credits 4 writers, which is very normal for a song:


Paula Abdul is more relevant in the USA since she keeps her name in the public. Kylie hasn't really been around since "Can't Get You Outta My Head" -- it is most likely because Kylie does not make USA-radio-friendly music. It doesn't mean Kylie is bad at all (she isn't) -- she just doesn't appeal to the USA. Her remix of Boombox doesn't fit the USA, this Paula version does.

Kylie has no control over who can record "Boombox" anyway as she did not write it.


Anonymous said...

sweetie, "dance like there's no tomorrow" was no 'flop'. it was actually #1 on itunes dance charts and #2 on billboard dance club play charts. hell, even the video was #1 on itunes video purchases.

paula has sold over 40 million albums worldwide. she's no has been and i hope her take on BOOMBOX, as oppose to the noisy remix that is kylie's version, is a big fucking hit.

Justin said...

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow was a flop you foolish Droid! How is she relevant to today's music scene when she hasn't had a MAINSTREAM hit in years and is seen as a old has been by everyone! Some of you people are downright delusional.

Anonymous said...

In terms of marketing and promotion, Paula Abdul is more relevant to the USA music marketplace than Kylie is. Her sound doesn't mash with the USA. It doesn't mean it isn't good, but it just doesn't work here. Paula Abdul is a big name here. Dance Like There's No Tomorrow was a dance hit, but not a single hit. But, Paula did not promote it either. If she promotes Boombox she could score another top 40 song.

Instead of getting mad at Paula Abdul, get mad at the writers of the song who let Paula record it.

Antoine said...

First of all, Kylie's Boombox is NOT a single. It's just on a remix compilation she is putting out. Second, Paula's song is NOT original. CoCo Lee and some israeli chick named Roni recorded the same song and released it. Even some other austrailian chick released it. within the last couple years.

Roni's version

CoCo Lee's

So some of you Paula fans need to calm down.

Justin said...

Paula Abdul is a big name because of American Idol now and not because of her music. She's not been relevant to the music scene in the US or the rest of the world for well over 15 years now. FACT x

Dannii's Delights! said...

Paula Abdul is god! Vibeology anyone?! <3 Killey is just jealous because the dumb ho couldn't get the label to let her release this gem...probably because her vocals are too nasally T_T

I think I like X today BTW ~

Much LUV ~U hit me with your luv luv luv luv luv luv!~


V3RY P05H said...

HAHA Silly Paula releasing a Kylie REJECT the same year Kylie is releasing a better and improved verson.

Kylie's warm sensual vocals > Paula's drugged up, confused & robotic vocals.

QH said...

I'm a massive fan of both women, but Paula's version of this song leaves much to be desired. I am excited that Kylie worked this unreleased gem from her "Body Language" sessions into her last tour to great effect.

I think it is a good way for Kylie to get more indirect exposure Stateside.

I hope Paula records an actual LP as her last LP was smashing, and her last single to date was good.

Kylie Minogue on the other hand, has nothing to prove as she is established in her own amazing right.

Both women rock. Chill y'all-QH