Monday, December 27, 2010

''s Best of 2010' Kylie at #40!

Kylie made's annual 'best of' list for 2010. The list features 40 of the hottest artists on based on track scrobbles made by users. This past year alone there have been over 3.5 million Kylie songs scrobbled by users with a cumulative amount of 30,402,043 tracks. Not bad at all!

Is it over yet?

The holiday season is almost over (THANK GOD!) and hopefully everyone had a decent Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/whatever you celebrate. 2011 is set to be a very busy year for Kylie with the Aphrodite: Les Folies tour coming up and the eventual re-release of the album. So keep tuned into the blog for updates!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4th single from Aphrodite: Poll Results

Put Your Hands Up
4 (19%)
2 (9%)
Everything is Beautiful
3 (14%)
6 (28%)
0 (0%)
Too Much
1 (4%)
Cupid Boy
4 (19%)
Looking For an Angel
0 (0%)
Can't Beat the Feeling
1 (4%)

Well you all voted and the results were actually not as clear cut as I was hoping they'd be. Just goes to show you we all want different things from Kylie. Anyways, the title track 'Aphrodite' won the popular vote with Put Your Hands Up and Cupid Boy both tied for second place. Those three tracks seem to be the three main ones people name when asked what the next single should be. I could honestly live with anyone one of them as the next single but I think it would be best if they are going through with a re-release to just release a new track.

Chocolate "live" at Top of the Pops

This is one promo performance I had never seen until today.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kylie's video message to her Australian fans

Could she be hinting towards Australian tour dates being announced? Hopefully the time is nearing that the US and Canada dates will be announced soon as well!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Astralwerks releasing new mixes of Better Than Today

Kylie's record label in the US is sending out "new" mixes of Better Than Today to dance radio and clubs. The following was posted on their facebook:

Astralwerks Records ‎@ kylieminogue Hitting U.S. clubs this week are excellent new remixes of the Kylie Minogue single "Better Than Today" by Bimbo Jones. Watch this neat video remix and luxuriate in a little modern day disco-house...

Hopefully Better Than Today will become Kylie's third Billboard Dance #1 from Aphrodite!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Better Than Today perfornance at the Royal Variety Show

Overall it's a good performance despite the weak vocals. Wonder if Kylie has a bit of a cold or something?

Anywho Get Outta My Way is still #1 on iTunes Spain with Aphrodite still in the top 20!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Picture of the day!

Kylie at the '40 Principales Awards 2010' in Madrid

Kylie performed this past Friday in Madrid, Spain for the annual 40 Principales Awards. Kylie looked like a complete treat on the red carpet and also performed live. The set list was: Get Outta My Way, In My Arms, and All The Lovers. Get Outta My Way is currently sitting in the top 15 on iTunes Spain with All The Lovers hovering in the top 75.

Video of the performance is below!

Kylie goes to the Ball

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Better Than Today is out now!

Better Than Today was released yesterday in the UK and is currently sitting at #17 in the midweek charts. The chart position is not that horrible but it's not amazing either. Although most drama queens are screaming it's the end of Kylie's career as we know it, anyone with half a brain knows better. This is the fifth time in the past 5 years her career has been declared over.

The digital EP for Better Than Today is now available on US and Canadian iTunes. The EP is also sitting at #2 on the iTunes Pop Mexico chart. Go download the track or order the physical bundle from right now! Links are provided below if you need a place to purchase the single. :)

Buy Better Than Today digital EP from iTunes US
Buy Better Than Today digital EP from iTunes UK
Buy Better Than Today digital EP from Amazon US
Buy Better Than Today digital EP from Amazon UK
Buy the physical bundle with the 2 track CD, maxi CD and 7″ vinyl picture disc

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hey y'all!

Just wanted to let you know I'm working on the new layout which should be up in the next few days! ;)

Enjoy the holiday season by watching Kylie's performances at the annual Rockefeller Tree Lighting Ceremony!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Did you miss Kylie on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade?

Of course Thanksgiving is an American tradition but Kylie decided to fly over and grace us with her presence for the 84th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you blinked you probably missed her but Kylie rode atop a float of huge toy ducks down the parade route. Kylie stopped in front of NBC's cameras to do a little performance of Get Outta My Way which recently hit number WUN on the US club charts.

If you're not American and have no idea about the parade then let me explain a few things...yes it's a total cheese fest which it has been for years and yes she lip synched as do all the rest of the performers they have on. It has been like that for years now and hasn't changed. So for all the haters getting your panties in a wad, mainly the same fuckwads over at Say Hey that have ragged on everything for the past month, then kindly move along, fuck off, and don't waste your time.

[/end rant]

The parade performance is below and be sure to watch Kylie next Tuesday when she performs on the Rockefeller Tree Lighting tv special on NBC! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pre-order Better Than Today!

Kylie's official site is yet again offering a fantastic physical bundle for the new single 'Better Than Today' which contains a 2 track, maxi, and 7" picture disc. If you are a sucker for physicals then you best order now, if you reside in the US this bundle is going for around 16 bucks including shipping and handling.

I'm back!

Okay shit got busy for a bit with school and work but I'm going to get back in the swing of updating things! Kylie has been a busy girl the past few weeks and this upcoming week in the US we have a performance at both the Macy's Parade and the Rockefeller tree lighting!

Stay tuned for more updates and a revamp of the blog coming soon. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pre-order Get Outta My Way!

As they did with All the Lovers is offering a fantastic deal on the physical format bundle for Get Outta My Way! You get the 2 track, maxi, and 7" picture disc for around 10 bucks not counting shipping and handling though, that's if you reside in the US.

Click here to pre-order right now!

Get Outta My Way video!

Sure the quality is crappy but it's one of the few that can be embedded that have not been removed by EMI yet. You can always view the HD version of Parlophone's youtube account,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aphrodite out now!

Kylie has returned with her 11th studio album and it's currently sitting at the TOP of the iTunes albums charts in 8 countries and at least top 10 in basically all the places it has been released so far, even in the United States! Aphrodite is shaping up to be a fantastic comeback for Kylie and she deserves every bit of the success! I dare say I think it's one of her best albums of her career. Now I just need my copy to arrive!

If you're in the US and want the experience of going out and buying the album I suggest you check your local FYE, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Best Buy. Target and Wal-mart do not seem to be carrying it but Wal-Mart has the standard edition of the album for 10 bucks online plus shipping. Of course if you can't find it in stores just join us in the 21st century and download it off of iTunes or just order the physical off of amazon.

Check out a video of the press conference and album launch party in Ibiza below!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kylie performs with Scissor Sisters at Glastonbury

BBC Music reviews Aphrodite

Pure Kylie magic, Aphrodite is an astonishing return to form.

Kylie Minogue. You may have heard of her. You probably have a favourite era or phase: perhaps when she was Indie Kylie and hanging with Nick Cave and the Manics; or Dance Kylie, when she minxed up in the mid-90s. Maybe you like the tinny early SAW efforts that launched her from a soap being onto a trajectory of superstardom, and breathed a sigh of relief when she rediscovered her pop mojo in the early 00s. Whatever the time or place, there’s no denying that in the 23 years since I Should Be So Lucky, Kylie has briefly tickled, illuminated or completely absorbed an area of your life.

For her followers Aphrodite is the Kylie of Fever and Light Years: frothy, intensely hummable dance pop. The sort of thing she does with such effortlessness and grace. Lead single All the Lovers emits everything that X – her ‘comeback’ album from 2007 which spectacularly bungled its single releases, and in turn wasn’t really what her fans were expecting – didn’t. With most of the production handed to Stuart Price, who has provided magic in the past for Madonna and helmed the new Scissor Sisters album (among numerous other impressive credits), this is a return to form so astonishing that one’s life can only be enhanced with repeated plays.

There are treats galore to be heard here: next single Get Outta My Way should destroy every dancefloor between here and the furthest reaches of the universe; the Jake Shears/Calvin Harris-penned Too Much is a rave monster; and the tech-country strut of Better Than Today throws up imagery of line-dancing cyborgs. The title-track is a military-drummed happy-clappy back, Back, BACK moment, which will be the moment of her live set when she actually explodes. Contrasting that track, the Tim Rice-Oxley-written number Everything Is Beautiful is about the mellowest thing here, but welcome after the tremendous onslaught of the opening quartet. Concluding with the cowbell-assisted frisky Daft-ness of Can’t Beat the Feeling, this stunning album is an all-killer, flags-aloft amazing triumph

Aphrodite is pure Kylie magic. Everything that made you fall in love with her all over again before is present and correct here. Not liking this would be like not being keen on breathing. All hail!

Kylie on Johnathon Ross interview + performance



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New York Post reviews 'Aphrodite'

Had I not actually seen Kylie Minogue in concert with my own two eyes, I could very well believe she's an aura of magic that simply floats from one speaker to the next. With each stop on her radio revolution, she touches the lives, hips and souls of those blessed enough to move to her music.

Her eleventh studio album "Aphrodite" is her latest dance comet and releases bits of retro synths, twinkly keyboard pounds and specks of hand-claps into the ether. It's the perfectly crafted summer CD, so let's dive into each track a little closer, shall we?

First up is "All The Lovers" which is very deserving of its spot as the lead single. Filled with melty whispers that are familiar to any card carrying member of Kylie's crew, its chorus demands crowd participation -- in fact, the only negative is that this 3-minute track lacks a bit more time to enjoy it fully.

"Get Outta My Way" is next up, and it will not be ignored. This disco-floor explosion of pure bubble-gum greatness will play on every boat, in every lake and on every pier until the snow starts to fall. Then, if the hand claps resonate long enough, it could return next year to do the exact same thing.

Speaking of hands, the bang-track "Put Your Hands Up" -- with its cog-and-wheel electro beats and Mad Max undertones -- begs for them to go ... um ... up. While its rocky sister-track "Closer" will slowly convince your arms to fall back down to your side, grab someone, and pull them in like a blanket of contentment. Both songs are legendary Kylie and both invoke polar opposite feelings that compliment each other in that weird salty and sweet way.

The only ballad -- using this term loosely -- on the album is the Keane (Tim Rice Oxley) co-penned song "Everything Is Beautiful," which sounds like it was plucked off a Tim Burton movie. The title track "Aphrodite" lives in a silver screen state as well, mixing old school Rhythm Nation vibes with a "Lose my Breathe" Destiny's Child resonance, resulting in an old school 50's film theme-song. It's amazing people. Amazing.

In the middle are songs that paint the world in glitter and hope. The simple "Illusion" is just as magical as it sounds while the ABBA meets Shania Twain ditty "Better Than Today" begs you to snag your boots and head to the club. After your done scootin', grab your sweat bands, and join Kylie as she does her best Olivia Newton-John in "Too Much," one of my faves of the LP. It's a piano-knockin' track you'll find yourself repeating for hours ... and then wonder where the time went.

The guitars and shooting stars living inside the adventure track "Cupid Boy" are paired like fine wine right next to the Euro-layered vocals of "Looking For An Angel." This duo introduce a new side of Kylie, a softer, more vulnerable version of the Diva that was nowhere to be found on her last album "X," but is so nice to have back.

Finally "Can’t Beat The Feeling" brings us back around the planets and stars that lead us through the world of Kylie. The roller-coaster chugs and Vo-Dox vocals pair with long disco-synths, giving us a welcome back to where we started, but not wanting to release our seat-belts. Because you know you're ready for another ride.

Friday, June 11, 2010

New peaks for ATL on iTunes!

The single was released digitally in the following countries yesterday and here are the iTunes peaks so far.

Austria #4
Switzerland #4
Germany #7
Australia #24
Ireland #27
Finland #38
Belgium #61
Italy #67
Netherland #67

Looks like Kylie's got a hit on her hands!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

All The Lovers performance at Germany's Next Top Model Finale!

All The Lovers is now out for download in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria! Physical single is released tomorrow!

iTunes peaks so far:
Germany: 13
Austria: 11
Switzerland: 10

Monday, June 7, 2010

Aphrodite Megamix!

Remember how we got that megamix a few weeks before the release of X? Well they have done the same thing for Aphrodite with a far superior result. X just seems amateur when compared to clips of the tracks in this mix.

Songs from the mix in order:
Get Outta My Way
Cupid Boy
Can't Beat The Feeling
Too Much
Put Your Hands Up

Remember how some Kylie fans bitched about the cohesiveness of X? Now they are bitching that the tracks in this megamix sound too much alike! Some queens will NEVER be satisfied. Kylie's got THE album of the summer on her hands and I think she knows it. The Aphrodite era seems to be going great so far and it's likely to replace the glorious Body Language as my all time favorite Kylie album, bring on July 6th already!

Let me know what your fave tracks from the megamix are in the comments please! :)

Picture of the day!

MTV US Buzzworthy: 'All The Lovers'

Song You Need To Know: Kylie Minogue, 'All The Lovers'

These days it's pretty hard to differentiate between what constitutes "pop" and what constitutes "dance." With acts such as Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Miley Cyrus and even rock acts such as The Killers appropriating the "untz-untz" beats, the lush synths and inherent sexiness of club music, you could say dance is pop.

Possibly no one artist has been more responsible for this shift than Kylie Minogue. The veteran singer bravely broke with pop tradition, recasting herself as a dance diva in 2001 with one of the greatest songs of that decade, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head." Since then, many have followed her lead, with pop acts now regularly working with dance producers. But still, nobody does it better than Kylie.

Which is all a way of saying: NEW KYLIE SINGLE! "All The Lovers" is classic Kylie; slow-building, adding layers of subtle electronic instrumentation, all moving toward the ecstatic, breathtaking chorus.

"All The Lovers" is taken from Minogue's hotly anticipated new album, Aphrodite, which drops July 6.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All The Lovers video!

Well since the video had it's official premiere yesterday it's popped on and off of youtube. Parlophone finally added it to their youtube page in true HD but sadly they disabled the embedding option. Stupid cunts! Thank god Yahoo! Music is allowing embedding.

Monday, May 31, 2010

All The Lovers video premiere!

Kylie's fantastic new video for 'All The Lovers' premieres all over the world on June 1st. Select your country below to see where you'll be able to see it first!

UK -
USA - Yahoo! Music
Australia - NineMSN
Belgium - Q Music
Brazil - UOL
Canada - Much Music
Finland - Ilta-Sanomat
France -
Switzerland - MyVideo
Germany - MyVideo
Holland -
Ireland - Muzu
Japan -
Norway -
Portugal - MySpace
Russia - MSN
Spain -
Sweden - MSN
Taiwan - Yahoo!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wind Music Awards 2010 'All The Lovers' performance 5.29.10

Kylie performed 'All The Lovers' the first time ever for the 2010 Wind Music Awards in Verona, Italy. I just love the whole greek goddess vibe and the guys in speedos! Kylie's back full force bitches! I'll be posting the high quality video of the performance on Wednesday after it's been aired. :)

SATC2 London premiere 5.27.10

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kylie presents at the 2010 National Movie Awards (UK)

Looking not a day over 27! Sex Kylie seems to be back in full force!

All The Lovers official video preview!

Top 15 Female tours of the 00's - People Magazine

01- The Sticky & Sweet World Tour – Madonna – 2008-2009
02- The Confessions World Tour – Madonna – 2006
03- The Reinvention World Tour – Madonna – 2004
04- The Farewell World Tour – Cher – 2002-2005
05- The Circus Starring: Britney Spears World Tour - Britney Spears - 2009
06- The Taking Chance World Tour – Celine Dion – 2008-2009
07- I Am World Tour - Beyonce – 2009-2010
08- “X2008〃 World Tour - Kylie Minogue – 2008
09- Back to Basics World Tour – Christina Aguilera – 2007
10- Drowned World Tour – Madonna – 2001
11- The Beyonce Experience World Tour – Beyonce – 2007
12- Dream Within a Dream World Tour – Britney Spears – 2001-2002
13- Showgirl Homecoming Tour - Kylie Minogue – 2006-2007
14- Funhouse World Tour – P!nk – 2009
15- I Told I Was Trouble World Tour – Amy Winehouse – 2006-2008

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rumoured single cover for All The Lovers

Not confirmed for sure yet but It's probably official. The single will get a CD1, CD2, and vinyl physical release. Video is supposed to premiere at the end of next week. Seems all a bit too soon, really hoping they move the single release forward!

All The Lovers video shoot 5.09.10

Saturday, May 8, 2010

All The Lovers radio premiere May 14th!

All The Lovers gets it worldwide radio premiere next Friday on BBC Radio One on the Chris Moyles show! Later that morning Kylie will also be taking the track to the Ken Bruce Show on Radio 2.

No concrete news on when the track will be sent to radio in North America despite being rumoured for a premiere on the 18th which would be Tuesday. ATL is supposed to hit Australian airwaves next Friday as well.

Video for the track is being shot this weekend in Los Angeles with Joseph Kahn directing! :)

News of the World reviews 'All The Lovers'

KYLIE is BACK. And back in a BIG way.

Yesterday I had a First Listen to the pop princess' massive comeback track, co-produced by MADONNA's mastermind STUART PRICE (the cone bra isn't the only thing she's pinched from her idol).

All The Lovers is a No1 without any doubt. In fact, it's one of the best Kylie songs EVER.

Combine the pulsating beat of Can't Get You Out Of My Head and beautiful melody of I Believe In You - and you've got some idea of quite how good it is.

It will dominate the airwaves at the end of next week and her long-awaited new album, Aphrodite, is out July 5th.

Kylie in Los Angeles 05.07.10

Friday, April 30, 2010

DKMS 4th Annual Gala in New York, 4.29.10

All The Lovers video news!

It was confirmed yesterday by Jospeh Kahn himself that he will be directing the video for All The Lovers! Video is rumoured to start shooting in the next week or so in either NYC or LA.

Phillipe Blond of The Blonds will be designing costumes for the video which he also confirmed on twitter.

Looks like we are in for some major treats this era!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aphrodite & All The Lovers - US Release

The dates that I posted for the US release of the album and single have turned out to be true! Confirmed by both Skope Magazine and FMBQ - US Radio Airplay and News Agency!

Pop Superstar Kylie Minogue returns this summer with her brand new album Aphrodite, to be released in the U.S. on July 6th by EMI’s Astralwerks Records. The album’s first single “All The Lovers” will be available on June 29th and is sure to heat up dance floors around the world. Kylie announced the release of Aphrodite with a snippet of “All The Lovers” on her website this past Tuesday. Full tracklisting is expected to be announced soon.
Aphrodite sees Kylie celebrate her dance-floor roots and features Stuart Price as Executive Producer. The list of songwriters includes Kylie, Stuart Price, Calvin Harris, the Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, Nerina Pallot, NERVO and Keane’s Tim Rice-Oxley.
“The single was one of the last tracks to be written for the album.” said Kylie “As I was recording it I knew that ‘All The Lovers’ had to be the first single; it sums up the euphoria of the album perfectly. It gives me goose-bumps, so I’m really excited to hear what everyone thinks of it”.

Picture of the day!

Girls Aloud's NUMBA WUN fangirl previews Aphrodite!

Peter Robinson from Popjustice got a special preview of the new album when he visited Stuart Price in his studio a few days ago.

Here is a picture of the microphone songstrel Kylie Minogue used to record vocals for her new album.

How do we know this? Because Stuart Price told us so when we VISITED HIS STUDIO LAST FRIDAY TO HEAR TRACKS FROM 'APHRODITE'. *Explodes*

Here are some things we discovered on our fact-finding mission to Acton.

This is the most important news, because if the singles come in the wrong order the whole thing falls apart. 'All The Lovers' is the comeback single '2 Hearts' wasn't, which is funny because it's written by the same people (ie the artists formerly known as Kish Mauve). In tone it's a bit like 'I Believe In You' (which until now was Kylie's best single since 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head') with a more danceable edge; a confident, worldly-wise voice in 'All The Lovers' replaces the slightly naive optimism of 'I Believe In You'. The song starts off with Kylie quietly singing "dance, it's all I wanna do, why won't you move? I'm standing here with you, why won't you move?". Kylie suggests that the dancing is important "even if it throws you to the fire, fire, fire" and as the HUGE MASSIVE CHORUS storms into view it's clear that the song's not really about relaxing while you dance, it's about relaxing into a relationship. In the chorus - backed by a brilliantly wibbly synth riff - Kylie sings "all the lovers that have gone before, they don't compare to you, don't be frightened, just give me a little bit more, they don't compare, all the lovers". The lyrics might not read like much but they're proper air-punchingly euphoric and defiant and a little bit overwhelming in the song. One of the oddities with 'X' seemed to be that some Fairly Fundamental Things had happened in Kylie's life but were ignored in the tunes. Part of this single's likeability comes from its message that "yes, a lot's happened and we've both been around the block a bit but what we have here is properly amazing so calm down and let's just get on with it". After a bit of verse-chorus-verse-chorus action everything drops out for the middle eight where it goes all breathy and intimate and hot and sweaty with Kylie's repeated request to dance then the track EXPLODES into the music from that YouTube clip she put up last week. It's confident and exciting and completely brilliant if not something of a masterpiece and all in all is 'a bit of a moment'. Apparently 'All The Lovers' only really came up in the last three weeks and very quickly took the position of lead single.

Stuart played us a handful of other tracks from the album. 'Get Out Of My Way' could well be this album's 'Love At First Sight'; 'Better Than Today', while similar to the version Kylie performed live last year, now seems to have a punchier, more stompsome production. Another song Stuart played us even though he wasn't meant to but what are they going to do sack him is a slightly 'Wow'-esque number which has a BRILLIANT 'Stuart Price moment' (you'll know it when you hear it) plus another segment in which everything falls away - Stuart describes this is "the moment in a club when you can hear glasses clinking". How very posh - the clubs we go to put everything in plastics. (NB 'Get Out Of My Way' will sound amazing in the sort of club that doesn't trust its clientele with glassware.)

'Aphrodite' is the title track on 'Aphrodite', hence the name. Stuart likes its 'Rhythm Nation'-esque qualities; we felt there was a slight Art Of Noise-ish, 'True Faith'-ey thing going on. It would have fitted in well on 'X' and would have been one of the album's best tracks, not least for the line "it's the truth, it's a fact, I was gone and now I'm back". It's a lyric that underlines and puts into capital letters the idea that this, not 'X', is really Kylie's big comeback album. Elsewhere in the song there's a great "I'm going back and forth and forth and back, can you feel me in stereo" hook along with military drums and handclaps. On one listen it doesn't feel like a single but we think it's one of the songs that'll end up defining the album.

"She's got that glint in her eye," Stuart notes.

In an interesting (and slightly demented) twist on the 'old grey whistle test' method of identifying potential hits, Stuart and Kylie knew a song would work if it made sense when sung in the style of Dolly Parton. Apparently Kylie does a particularly good Dolly version of 'All The Lovers'. Vocals on tracks that had already been recorded were re-recorded in Stuart's studio and rather than singing in a vocal booth Kylie would sing (using the pictured microphone) standing right in front of Stuart. The idea was to give 'Aphrodite' a sense of fun and spontaneity - and cohesion - that wasn't there with 'X'.

Stuart explains that he got involved with 'Aphrodite' last October when he met Kylie in New York for a writing session. From that session "three or four" tracks remain, and from that point onwards he became a very significant force in the album's completion. As executive producer he's been responsible for shaping the album's sound - at one point on Friday he described it as a 'houseparty' record - which has meant a role in deciding which songs did and didn't make the cut but also mixing tracks so they all feel like they're part of the same album. Songs were picked, Stuart says, not because of who wrote or produced them, but because of how good they were. From what he said last week Stuart's involvement on a lot of songs has been slightly more than the conventional idea of mixing a track but slightly less than the conventional idea of producing it. Basically everything's gone through a bit of a Stuart Price filter so that it doesn't sound like some dickhead A&R has just aimlessly scooped a load of tracks off a shelf, chucked them in a sack, Sellotaped a photo of Kylie to the front, opened his window and shouted "THAT'LL BE £7.99 PLEASE" at people in the street.

We asked Stuart if there were any ballads on the album and he said no (AMAZING), then clarified that point by adding "not in the accepted sense". When we expressed some relief at this, commenting that Kylie wasn't really known for her ballads, Stuart countered that 'Especially For You' was in fact something of a tune. It was hard to disagree with his point and that's a great example of why Stuart's precisely the sort of person who should be in charge not just of this album but ALL OTHER ALBUMS BY EVERYONE EVER. His "not ballads in the accepted sense" comment may mean that there are some interesting sort-of-ballad-sort-of-not moments, and 'All The Lovers' does have that slightly sad, crying-at-the-discotheque upbeat discoballad quality everybody loves. Stuart added that some ballads were recorded during the 'Aphrodite' sessions but just weren't quite right for this album and may well appear in the future when there's a place for them.

This may not excite you very much but it excited us an obscene amount. In keeping with the 'this is an album not just a selection of tracks' idea, Stuart's currently finding a way of stitching the songs together. The plan is that it won't be a non-stop megamix but there'll be a natural continuous flow that creates an 'official' order for the album's tracks. (Stuart didn't say this himself, but we guess it'll be a bit like Madonna's 'Confessions...'.) In an era when fans routinely create their own album running orders in iTunes, presenting 'Aphrodite' as a definitively sequenced body of work is a great way of showcasing Kylie's own confidence in what's shaping up to be her best album since 'Light Years'.

In summary: a truly incredible comeback single that'll sit alongside Scissor Sisters' 'Fire With Fire' as a solid gold summer pop anthem, the other tracks sound great, Kylie's on great form vocally, there's no need for anybody to panic about 'X Mark 2' and we can't wait to hear the rest of the tracks. THE END

Sure Peter's taste is questionable from time to time but this has me absolutely dripping wet in anticipation!

Pink Sparkle

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sneak peek Elle UK June 2010

Someone over at thefashionspot posted a sneak peek of what we are to expect from Kylie's upcoming issue of Elle magazine. The debate is still on wether or not the image is supposed to be blurred or it was blurred just to give a sneak peek of what to expect. LOL

Kylie out and about 4.23.10

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aphrodite & All The Lovers - Release dates

United Kingdom, Australia:
Aphrodite - July 5th
All The Lovers -June 28th

Germany, Ireland, Italy:
Aphrodite - July 2nd
All The Lovers - June 25th

United States, Canada, Spain:
Aphrodite - July 6th
All The Lovers - June 29th

Know of release dates for other countries not listed then please do comment with them!

Kylie is wearing Jean Paul Gaultier again!


Kylie returns as APHRODITE!



Kylie Minogue returns to the charts at the end of June when her highly anticipated brand new single “All The Lovers” is released on Parlophone. The single, set to be a huge summer anthem, previews her new studio album “Aphrodite” scheduled for release a week later, on July 5.

The album, Kylie’s fifth studio album on Parlophone, sees her celebrate her dance-floor roots and features Stuart Price as executive producer. The list of songwriters includes Kylie, Stuart Price, Calvin Harris, Jake Shears, Nerina Pallot and Keane’s Tim Rice-Oxley.

Further details on the album, including the track-listing, will be announced shortly.

Kylie said today: “The single was one of the last tracks to be written for the album. As I was recording it I knew that “All The Lovers” had to be the first single; it sums up the euphoria of the album perfectly. It gives me goose-bumps, so I’m really excited to hear what everyone thinks of it”.

Stuart Price, who mixed the track and was executive producer on the album said: “‘All The Lovers’ is a magical song and sums up everything that the album is: Kylie doing pop dance music at her best. When you look in your mind’s eye at everything Kylie is, it’s on this record”.

Kylie Minogue has sold more than 60 million records and continues to be one of the most successful solo artists in the world. Her groundbreaking tours have set new standards for live performances and last year her first ever tour of America garnered rave reviews.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sometime Samurai (X2008 Live at the O2 in London)

Still gorgeous and amazing!

Kylie tweets!

Kylie has confirmed on twitter that she's shooting the new campaign for TOUS with Ellen von Unwerth and she seems to be finishing up work on the new album! 8D

Hello peeps!! Am in the middle of photo-shoot for the next Tous campaign, photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth. It's all about..*m*a*g*i*c!!
about 9 hours ago from web

I first worked with Ellen in the mid 90's.... :0 !!! She has great energy and takes gorgeous pics.
about 8 hours ago from web

Still hard at work on my album......... getting there!!!!! :) x
about 8 hours ago from web

I'm still hoping the album will be out in April!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

ARIA Charts - Top 75 albums of the Decade


DELTA Goodrem had this in the bag, despite a double-pronged attack from Pink. Her debut album Innocent Eyes spent a remarkable 29 weeks at No.1 in 2003, breaking John Farnham's run at the top with Whispering Jack by a month. The album spawned five No.1 singles and went platinum 14 times, selling 1.2 million copies. Pink sold more than a million copies of her two albums Funhouse and I'm Not Dead combined; indeed between them both albums have spent 238 weeks in the Australian Top 100 since 2006. Norah Jones' album was a worldwide phenomenon in 2002, selling more than 700,000 copies in Australia. Rounding out an all-female Top 5 is Melbourne's Missy Higgins. Her 2004 debut The Sound of White spent more than two years on the chart, selling close to 630,000 copies.
Elsewhere Kings of Leon became the biggest rock band of the decade with their fourth album belatedly introducing them to the mainstream in 2008. Melbourne's Jet had the highest-selling local rock album of the decade. James Blunt may be off the radar now but was unavoidable in 2004 with more than half a million sales in Australia. Robbie Williams' singles compilation dominated the Christmas chart in 2004 while Eminem adds some rap to the Top 10. Unsurprisingly, Coldplay and U2 had the most albums in the Top 100 sellers of the decade with four apiece (although two U2 titles were singles compilations).

1 Innocent Eyes - Delta Goodrem
2 Funhouse - Pink
3 I'm Not Dead - Pink
4 Come Away With Me - Norah Jones
5 The Sound of White - Missy Higgins
6 Only By the Night - Kings of Leon
7 Get Born - Jet
8 Back to Bedlam - James Blunt
9 Greatest Hits - Robbie Williams
10 The Eminem Show - Eminem
11 Odyssey No5 - Powderfinger
12 Michael Buble - Michael Buble
13 Fever - Kylie Minogue
14 Let Go - Avril Lavigne
15 Fallen - Evanescence
16 Life For Rent - Dido
17 Feeler - Pete Murray
18 I Dreamed a Dream - Susan Boyle
19 A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay
20 1 - The Beatles
21 Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
22 American Idiot - Green Day
23 Songs About Jane - aroon 5
24 No Angel - Dido
25 Vulture Street - Powderfinger
26 Barricades & Brickwalls - Kasey Chambers
27 Monkey Business - Black Eyed Peas
28 Just As I Am - Guy Sebastian
29 FutureSex/LoveSounds - Justin Timberlake
30 It's Time - Michael Buble
31 Reach Out:The Motown Record - Human Nature
32 Greatest Hits - Red Hot Chili Peppers
33 Elephunk - Black Eyed Peas
34 Call Me Irresponsible - Michael Buble
35 The Very Best Of - Fleetwood Mac
36 Black Ice - AC/DC
37 That's What I'm Talking About - Shannon Noll
38 X&Y - Coldplay
39 Wolfmother - Wolfmother
40 Moulin Rouge - Soundtrack
41 All That You Can't Leave Behind - U2
42 Eyes Open - Snow Patrol
43 Laundry Service - Shakira
44 Play - Moby
45 Escapology - Robbie Williams
46 Affirmation - Savage Garden
47 All The Right Reasons - Nickelback
48 More Than You Think You Are - Matchbox Twenty
49 Love, Angel, Music, Baby - Gwen Stefani
50 Tea and Sympathy - Bernard Fanning
51 Sunrise Over Sea - John Butler Trio
52 Viva La Vida - Coldplay
53 By the Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers
54 Escape - Enrique Iglesias
55 One Voice - Greatest Hits - John Farnham
56 A Funk Odyssey - Jamiroquai
57 On and On - Jack Johnson
58 Swing When You're Winning - Robbie Williams
59 #1's - Michael Jackson
60 Rearviewmirror - Pearl Jam
61 The Winner's Journey - Damien Leith
62 Here Come the Drums - Rogue Traders
63 See the Sun - Pete Murray
64 Mistaken Identity - Delta Goodrem
65 The Secret Life Of - The Veronicas
66 Stripped - Christina Aguilera
67 Black Fingernails, Red Wine - Eskimo Joe
68 Born to Do It - Craig David
69 Light Years - Kylie Minogue
70 30 #1 Hits - Elvis Presley
71 How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb - U2
72 Ancora - Il Divo
73 Their Greatest Hits - The Record - Bee Gees
74 Best of 1990-2000 - U2
75 Greatest Hits - Guns N' Roses

MTV UK Best track of the decade!

Vote for 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' as one of the best tracks of the past decade! :)