Monday, June 7, 2010

Aphrodite Megamix!

Remember how we got that megamix a few weeks before the release of X? Well they have done the same thing for Aphrodite with a far superior result. X just seems amateur when compared to clips of the tracks in this mix.

Songs from the mix in order:
Get Outta My Way
Cupid Boy
Can't Beat The Feeling
Too Much
Put Your Hands Up

Remember how some Kylie fans bitched about the cohesiveness of X? Now they are bitching that the tracks in this megamix sound too much alike! Some queens will NEVER be satisfied. Kylie's got THE album of the summer on her hands and I think she knows it. The Aphrodite era seems to be going great so far and it's likely to replace the glorious Body Language as my all time favorite Kylie album, bring on July 6th already!

Let me know what your fave tracks from the megamix are in the comments please! :)


Pietro said...

It's hard to say what's hot or not from a megamix! Anyway the song that sent shivers down my spine was Aphrodite. Kylie sounds so fierce, self-confident and sexy! I think I'm love with Cupid Boy too. For the moment I'm not really feeling GOMW and PYHU but I'm sure that with time I'll love the whole album.
I perfectly agree with you about fan's reaction to the megamix!

Justin said...

My favorites change from day to day but seriously we are in for a treat with Aphrodite!