Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aphrodite out now!

Kylie has returned with her 11th studio album and it's currently sitting at the TOP of the iTunes albums charts in 8 countries and at least top 10 in basically all the places it has been released so far, even in the United States! Aphrodite is shaping up to be a fantastic comeback for Kylie and she deserves every bit of the success! I dare say I think it's one of her best albums of her career. Now I just need my copy to arrive!

If you're in the US and want the experience of going out and buying the album I suggest you check your local FYE, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Best Buy. Target and Wal-mart do not seem to be carrying it but Wal-Mart has the standard edition of the album for 10 bucks online plus shipping. Of course if you can't find it in stores just join us in the 21st century and download it off of iTunes or just order the physical off of amazon.

Check out a video of the press conference and album launch party in Ibiza below!