Sunday, February 20, 2011

Aphrodite has risen!

Well with X2008 we thought there was no way Kylie could top herself but she has yet done it again. Watching the videos on youtube and looking at pictures from the concert makes me wish I could sale all of my belongs just go see the 'Les Folies' version of the tour with the excellent fountains of water. I'll make do with seeing her in Washington, DC in April though. I'm certainly about as wet right now as those people who were in the splash zone.

Photos from the show:

Videos from the show:
I Believe in You
What Do I Have to Do?
Confide in Me
Can't Get You Out of My Head
There Must Be an Angel (Eurythmics Cover)
On A Night Like This
On A Night Like This
On A Night Like This
All the Lovers
All the Lovers
All the Lovers

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kylie for VS Magazine

Kylie up to #16 on US VH1's Top 20 video countdown!

In it's fourth week on VH1's top 20 countdown 'Get Outta My Way' has risen to #16 and hopefully will continue to rise in the coming weeks. It will only climb if we continue to vote. Hopefully it will eventually hit the top 10 so keep up the voting!


Random 'Aphrodite' promo performance post

Besides the Germany's Next Top Model performance of 'All The Lovers' and X Factor performance of 'Better Than Today' the megamix that Kylie performed at the EXA concert in Mexico is definitely up there as one of my faves from the era. Clocking in at around half an hour I find myself extremely jealous of the Mexican fans who got to see it live!