Thursday, October 16, 2008

The dates for the second leg of X2008

As you all should know by now Kylie is taking X2008 tour off for a second leg in South America, Asia, and Australia. Listed below are the dates so far. I'm actually excited to see what changes they might have done and we just have a little over 2 more weeks to go! :)

November 1st - Colombia
November 4th - Venezuela
November 6th - Peru
November 8th - Brazil
November 13th - Chile
November 15th - Argentina
November 21st - Dubai, UAE
November 23rd - Bangkok, Thailand
November 25th - Singapore
November 27th - Hong Kong
November 29th - Shanghai, China
December 4th - Taipei
December 8th - Auckland, NZ
December 9th - Auckland, NZ
December 14th - Sydney, Australia
December 16th - Sydney, Australia
December 19th - Melbourne, Australia
December 20th - Melbourne, Australia
December 22nd - Melbourne, Australia

Kylie's night out in London 10.14.08