Friday, January 31, 2014

'Into the Blue' Video Teaser

Into the Blue (Patrick Hagenaar Remix)

'Into the Blue' Video Sneak Peek & Patrick Hagenaar Remix!

Kylie posted a sneek peak image of the Into the Blue video on her facebook and as it turns out the premiere is still happening on Monday!

In other exciting news Patrick Hagenaar who has remixed Into the Blue confirmed on his twitter that it will be premiered tonight on Capital FM. The show it's premiering on is hosted by Marvin Humes from JLS who so happens to be one of the co-hosts on The Voice UK! Audio of the remix will be posted on here after its premiere!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Known Production Credits for Kiss Me Once

So we still don't know the full production credits for the album. Some songs we only know who produced and some we only know who wrote it. So here's the tracklist complete with what is known so far.

Regular Tracklisting:
Into the Blue (Kelly Sheehan, Mike Del Rio, Jacon Kasher)
Million Miles (Chelcee Grimes, Peter Wallevik, Mich Hedin Hansen, Daniel Davidsen
I Was Gonna Cancel (Pharrell Williams)
Sexy Love (Wayne Hector, Autumn Rowe, Peter Wallevik, Mich Hedin Hansen, Daniel Davidsen)
Sexercize (The Monsters and The Strangerz)
Feels So Good (MNEK, Tom Aspaul)
If Only (Ariel Rechtshaid)
Les Sex (GoodWill & MGI, JD Walker)
Kiss Me Once (Sia Furler)
Beautiful (Enrique Iglesias)
Fine (?)

Bonus Tracks:
Mr. President (Kelly Sheehan, Tommy Trash)
Sleeping With the Enemy (Greg Kurstin)

Japanese Bonus Tracks:
Voodoo (?)
Golden Boy (?)

Sparks (?)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Kiss Me Once Limited Edition Vinyl Boxset

I want this so badly! Will have to decide quickly to order it or not.

Limited Edition Vinyl Boxset includes:

Only 2,000 copies will be available worldwide and 100 of them will be signed by Kylie herself!

Kylie Minogue for LIVE Stream on Capital Breakfast

Today Kylie stopped by Radio 2 to premiere Into the Blue and tomorrow she will be heading over to Capital FM to co-host part of the Breakfast show which airs from 6am to 10am. Hopefully this means they will be playlisting the track.

Japanese Edition of 'Kiss Me Once' and Into the Blue Remix Bundle

Japan will be getting two extra tracks and the b-side to Into the Blue on their release of Kiss Me Once. 1.

1. Into The Blue
2. Million Miles
3. I Was Gonna Cancel
4. Sexy Love
5. Sexercize
6. Feels So Good
7. If Only
8. Les Sex
9. Voodoo
10. Kiss Me Once
11. Beautiful
12. Fine
13. Golden Boy
14. Mr President
15. Sparks
16. Sleeping With the Enemy

Also the remix package for Into the Blue has been revealed!

1. Into The Blue (S-Man Deep Blue Remix)
2. Into the Blue (Patrick Hagenaar Colour Code Remix)
3. Into the Blue (Vanilla Ace Remix)

Into the Blue (Official Lyric Video)

Here's the official lyric video to tide us over until the actual video is released!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

MNEK produced track 'Feels So Good'

Earlier the tracklisting for Kiss Me Once made it onto the internet and producer MNEK who Kylie worked with over several sessions has tweeted confirmation that one of his songs made the album.

He says it will sound familiar because the song is either a straight up cover or rework of a track called Indiana produced for singer/songwriter Tom Aspaul. I remember a few months ago MNEK posting the song to his soundcloud account and instantly hoping that the Kylie tracks he did would sound familiar. The song is fantastic so I wouldn't mind if it was a straight up cover, listen below!

'Kiss Me Once' Tracklisting!

So the iTunes pre-order was added already in the United States and these are the tracklistings for the special and regular editions! We also now know that Sia executive produced!

Special Edition:
Into The Blue
Million Miles
I Was Gonna Cancel (AKA The Winners)
Sexy Love
Feels So Good
If Only
Les Sex
Kiss Me Once
Beautiful (with Enrique)
Mr President (Bonus Track)
Sleeping With The Enemy (Bonus Track)
Into The Blue (Video)
Into The Blue (Making the video)
Into The Blue (Trailer)
Behind the scenes of the Kiss Me Once photoshoot
Kylie on Kiss Me Once

Regular Edition
Into The Blue
Million Miles
I Was Gonna Cancel (AKA The Winners)
Sexy Love
Feels So Good
If Only
Les Sex
Kiss Me Once
Beautiful (with Enrique)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Into the Blue Remix Promo

According to Kane at SayHey the first remix promo for Into the Blue is now being sent out.

01 Radio Edit 3:28
02 Extended Mix 5:44
03 Dark Skies Remix 6:49
04 Blue Skies Remix 5:05

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Album Title and Artwork Revealed!

The Metro UK are more than likely going to be in huge trouble considering they just posted the new album artwork.

Kiss Me Once Cover Art

The cover in my opinion is very Marilyn Monroe which is a good thing. I wonder if the album title is a lyric from a song, the title of a track, or just what she wanted to call the album? Lol.

Album Cover Reveal, Part Four!

My guess is that the album is called Kiss of Life, how about you?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Alternative cover art for Into the Blue

Well earlier this evening on Twitter Kylie posted that on Monday we would finally be hearing the real Into the Blue and posted a link to a new variation of the cover art that was leaked online on Amazon just a few days ago.

Soon after the above image was posted the tweet was deleted and replaced with an image of the cover art that was posted on Amazon.

Personally I like both covers and think either one could be used for the digital and physical releases, that is if a physical release will even happen. So what do you all think?

Kylie at the 2014 Brit Awards?

So if you don't know Cesare Polini was the guy who starred in the Timebomb video who Kylie comes across in the very beginning. He is a huge Kylie fan himself and posted on SayHey that he had done some filming that would be used for the Brits. Perhaps it's just for the Mastercard super Kylie fan special that has been talked about recently? Maybe it's video content for a performance of Into the Blue? I'm hoping that Kylie will be there to perform the new single and maybe even join Pharrell on stage since it's looking like one of his songs has made the new album. We won't know for a few more weeks what it is but things are getting very exciting!

Album Cover Reveal, Part Three!

Another image that reveals a tad more of Kylie's face from the album cover was uploaded to her official facebook account.

Full album cover reveal and pre-order will go live on Monday January 27th after Into the Blue is premiered on radio in the UK.
The following album release dates have been revealed but are still tentative: March 17th (UK), March 14th (Ireland, France, Germany), March 18th (US).

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

'Into the Blue' and Album 12 Information!

Well it's been a whirlwind of news the past week in Kylie land. Before the first episode of The Voice UK aired we found out that Kylie had shot the video for the lead single which was then revealed to be Into the Blue. Just a few days ago the supposed single cover art began popping up on Amazon Italy with pre-order pages popping up on Amazon Spain and Germany as well. Within the hour the high quality cover art for Into the Blue found it's onto the internet.

Into the Blue Cover Art

So the next day a low quality version of the track leaked online. According to the producer Mike Del Rio the version that has leaked is not final and Kylie has said as much on her own twitter. The official radio premiere is set for the UK on Monday January 27th, it's not clear if BBC Radio 1 will touch the track but maybe if it's received well they will consider it. I feel like Into the Blue will be Kylie's Candy, Radio 1 ignored the Robbie Williams track Candy but it was still a smash hit. UK Radio premiere will happen on BBC Radio 2 on the Ken Bruce show, his show is mainly pop music orientated. The video is now finished and was shot by Dawn Shadforth, who also directed In Your Eyes, Can't Get You Out of My Head, Spinning Around, Chocolate, and 2 Hearts.

Now regarding the album, Kylie has been posting a gradual image reveal of herself on facebook which has been confirmed to be the new album cover image. The album title is still not known widely but hopefully the actual title doesn't leak until Kylie reveals the news herself. The album has a confirmed release date of March 17th with Into the Blue being released in the UK the day before.