Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4th single from Aphrodite: Poll Results

Put Your Hands Up
4 (19%)
2 (9%)
Everything is Beautiful
3 (14%)
6 (28%)
0 (0%)
Too Much
1 (4%)
Cupid Boy
4 (19%)
Looking For an Angel
0 (0%)
Can't Beat the Feeling
1 (4%)

Well you all voted and the results were actually not as clear cut as I was hoping they'd be. Just goes to show you we all want different things from Kylie. Anyways, the title track 'Aphrodite' won the popular vote with Put Your Hands Up and Cupid Boy both tied for second place. Those three tracks seem to be the three main ones people name when asked what the next single should be. I could honestly live with anyone one of them as the next single but I think it would be best if they are going through with a re-release to just release a new track.

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