Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kylie rockin' it across South America!

Although the first date of the South American leg of X2008 got to a very bumpy start with the reported robbery of crew members and Kylie herself in Colombia she totally rocked it out this past weekend in Colombia. She played Venezuela last night and put on another excellent show.

Here are some of the changes made for the South American leg of the tour:
The electrical hoop in Speakerphone is gone
The intro for Like A Drug has been altered slightly
Giant skull entrance has been replaced with choreography on stage involving panels
New outfits and alterations for the opening, cheer section, and the encore section
A new section has been added after the original encore section
Better The Devil You Know and Somewhere (from West Side Story) has been added

Boombox/Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Ruffle My Feathers
In Your Eyes
Heart Beat Rock
Like A Drug
2 Hearts
I Believe In You
On A Night Like This (Video 2)
Your Disco Needs You
Step Back In Time
In My Arms
Love At First Sight (Video 2)

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-->Ruso<-- said...

She also sang Better the Devil You Know instead of The One! It was amazing!