Monday, February 3, 2014

Dawn Shadforth Talks 'Into the Blue' Video

Dawn Shadforth, director:
I had wanted to do something different with Kylie for ages, less about dancing and performance, more about acting and emotion. I wrote the treatment for Into The Blue this way and Kylie really responded to it. The idea for the video was to connect with the emotion in the song with a fragmented narrative that played on the lyrics in an ambiguous way. So we created this little story of a glimpse into the world of a man and woman, a lost weekend, scenes from a film where the context is not quite clear. I wanted to show a bit of soul, a relationship that felt authentic, natural and intimate and a side to Kylie people were not so familiar with. I had been inspired stylistically by some early John Cassavetes films and wanted to make something with an improvisational style, a fluid camera, and with quite a pure and simple theme about love. We were lucky to cast the fantastic French actor Clement Sibony and they got on like a house on fire, which made things really easy when it came to improvising.

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