Monday, March 23, 2009

Kylie to work with Kish Mauve again?

According to several people who are friends of Kish Mauve on Facebook, Mima has claimed that Kish will once again be working with Kylie on some tracks for her new album which is rumoured to be out this fall.

As for everyone bitching about it already I shall wait to see if any of their tracks actually make the cut and judge them when I hear them. The tracks they did for X were really good and it was a shame that both Lose Control and You Make Me Feel never made the cut. We did however get the fabulous, yes I said fabulous, 2 Hearts.

This really makes me want the rumours of Kylie recording with PNAU to be true also. I'm really wanting a full album of electro rock tracks. What would really put the icing on the cake is if Ladyhawke was to work with Kylie, could be a possibility since they are both fans of one another. ;)

Click here to preview Kish Mauve's whole album on Amazon.


QH said...

I loved "2 Hearts," of all the "X" singles it ranks as my favorite. I liked it because it had more swagger to it, and wasn't a conventional dance or pop song.

Personally, I want her to go to a more organic route, via "KM '94"
versus doing more electro which she has done ad nauseum for sometime. Regardless, I'm sure it'll be a worthwhile project.-QH

Jay said...

In typical alKylieda style, Kishe Mauve could do no wrong when their stuff didn't make the cut with "leaked" Lose Control being praised despite being crap - yet the second it appears she might be working with them again, they are the wurzt pwoduzaz eva1111...

I hope that the 11th album is something that makes those whinging, scrounging fuckwits FUCK OFF and go off Kylie for good, so that the rest of us can enjoy it in peace...