Monday, September 22, 2008

Kylie recording for new album already?

Kylie has reportedly been busy the past few weeks in the studio and will continue recording sessions into October before she embarks on the next leg of X2008 Live. It's rumoured and looks to be true that she is writing and recording with producers Bloodshy & Avant and Kleerup. A few previously unreleased songs, being reworked with new production, could see the light of day with her new project.

We could see a new Kylie album as early as next fall! :)


Dannii's Delights! said...

Bitch looks cracked out as hell in that pic for this post! <333

Justin said...

I love it when Dannii's Delights grace my blog. <3

Dannii's Delights! said...

And it's always a pleasure to come here <3