Friday, June 6, 2008

Preview 'The One' (Freemasons Mix) at Popjustice!

Everyone and their gay dog has a theory about what Kylie's done right and what Kylie's done wrong with the whole 'X' campaign but if anything's likely to swing the whole thing back around again it's the release, at the end of July, of 'The One'.

Back in October we identified the track as the best from 'X' and in fairness we were right and anyone who claimed otherwise was wrong.

For its single release the track will be helped along by a ten minute Freemasons remix extravaganza which is one of the most beautiful and captivating pieces of electronic music you'll hear in 2008.

Click here to preview the track!

I know alot of people have really been upset with the X era but I'm not one of those people. I've loved the imagery, performances, videos, and X2008 Live looks absolutely amazing. Some fans probably hate it because they expected it to sell 7 million copies worldwide like Fever did and they also hated Body Language because it wasn't a massive followup to Fever. I don't just love Kylie for the amount of albums she sells, I love her for the music she makes and X was definitely a nice progression. Not a massive progression but thank god she didn't make a Fever part 2 like most fans are still begging for after 7 years. With that being said I have a feeling The One will close the X era out on a high and I'm glad to say it's definitely one of my favorite Kylie eras to date. ♥


Rocko said...

After reading so many reviews and opinions, yours set the record straight: X is a great album.
As a Kylie fan since FEVER, only LIGHT YEARS and X are the only albums I get to play from the first to the last track. And I know, I am not the only one.
It is true, we love Kylie for her persona and her music, not for the amount of money she makes for her music.
KYLIEX2008 is an awesome show that makes the songs to be lived!
Of course we all have suggestions for a better performance, but hey! after almost 3 hours of show and 53 PLUS dates, the musical event is pure pleasant eye-candy pop!
Time will pass by and we will all remember KYLIEX2008 with gratitude and pleasure. (Besides, it took me 2 years to understand and love FEVER tour!)

Thank you,
Hail Kylie!

QH said...

I am so excited about this cut finally being released from "X." I tend to agree that "The One" is probably the best song from this project, even though there are plenty of highlights from this album.

I can't wait to see this video.-QH

Justin said...

Thanks for commenting because comments make me happy! :D

I really hope we do get a video but at this moment they aren't planning on one. D: