Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Technical Difficulties in Antwerp!

According to few reports from people over the web, the show in Antwerp tonight suffered from some technical difficulties which resulted in the show being delayed for an hour and then the break lasting 40 minutes instead of just 20 like in Paris. Some songs were also cut from the setlist because of the show starting so late. Those songs were The One, All I See, and the new ballad That's Why They Write Love Songs.

Let's hope those songs being cut are not permanent but honestly I couldn't care if they cut All I See or the other new song but The One is definitely a favorite amongst fans and is one of the killer tracks on X. It will be a shame if it's cut because the performance of it at opening night was stellar!

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Dannii's Delights! said...

Bitch sure likes spreading her legs for any guy that's willing -_-

Certaintly less classy than her refined better half Dannii <3